E99500. 2009. Updated in 2012.
Coproduction : Hugo Arcier Studio / Le Cube, Art3000

Still frames from E99500.

“This film strikes a great balance between realism and abstraction. It’s oddly mesmerizing.” Justin Cone (Editor in chief, Motionographer)
“A beautiful ode to E99500 hexadecimal color.” Igor Sordokhonov (Author, Motionographer)
“Stunning.” Lucy McRae (Artist)
“Subtle and very strong visually at the same time.” Kijek / Adamski (Directors)

E99500 is orange color in hexadecimal color codes.
This film show the eruption of a graphic element, one and soon many oranges spheres in a realistic environment, a parking.
In several of my films I try to use graphically a 3D element: camera mapping, wireframe rendering, low faces objects…
Here I use dynamic simulation of particles.
Little by little space fill up to become a simple flat color.


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