The 5 siameses. 2006
With : Anastasia Tarassova
Music : Wax Tailor, Hypnosis theme

Still frames from Les 5 siamoises

A mental trip in the mind of a hypnotized woman.
Listening to music, we follow the development of a phantasmagorical image.

This video is part of Kunsthalle Detroit (Museum of contemporary art) permanent collection.

The film is used by musician Wax Tailor as official music video and during concert.

Exhibitions / Festivals:
Show Off Art Fair (Paris, France) 2006
“Quel Talents!”, Le Cube (Grand Paris, France) 2006
Video Art & Experimental Film Festival (New York, USA) 2010
Yo Veo Experimental Cinema (New York, USA) 2009
Paris Tout court (Paris, France) 2008
Bitfilms festival (Germany) 2006
Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal (Québec, Canada) 2006
InVideo (Milano, Italia) 2006
Darlight festival (Ireland) 2006
Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 2006
Festival Némo (Paris, France) 2006

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