Edition of 15.
334,7 x 334,8 x 368,9 mm
Rigid Epoxy / Black / Matte Paint

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is it?
Mutation #1 is a sculpture stemming from digital creative and manufacturing processes and realized via 3D printing. It is the eruption of a 3D wireframe into reality. It is also an “Ikea hack”, its size enabling perfect insertion into the famous Expedit bookcase. Once inserted, the sculpture customizes the bookcase by giving it a futuristic look.

2. I do not own an Ikea Expedit bookcase, would this still be an interesting object that might interest me?
Mutation #1 may be placed on a table (see pictures), against a wall… You may do as you please with it.

3. Why did you design this?
My work is often inspired by disease like my series called degeneration. It is a dark way to see it but the object is like a cancer that grows on another object and modifies it. This is why it is called Mutation. I choose a “wireframe” shape because it is something iconic of 3d culture. When you look at the object there is something really unreal. It defies gravity and the look totally changes from the angle you look at it. It is like something virtual but in the real world.

4. Is it fragile?
The object is moderately fragile. Don’t try playing soccer with it. On a more serious note, it is recommended that you handle the sculpture with care.

5. Does the sculpture come with a certificate of authenticity?
Yes, a certificate with the edition number and my signature is provided with each order.

6. Where can I buy it?
Send me an email if you are interested.

7. I find it a little expensive.
This is not an industrial object produced in large quantities;
there are only 15 examples in the world!
Each sculpture is created using an advanced 3D printing method (epoxy powder hardened by laser). The object is printed in only one piece then a layer of paint is applied to obtain the desired rendering and color durability.

8. I still find it too expensive.
Don’t buy it!

9. What are your shipping methods?
Delivery is free and available for international destinations. Each shipment is carefully packaged and sent by UPS (we require signature upon delivery). You will receive an email to give you the delivery time; generally expect three weeks for delivery.

10. I do not like consumerism and believe this is an additional object for which I have no real need.
You are right.

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Photos Copyright: Sarah Zhiri.
More photos of “Mutation #1”.

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