Folded Nature. 2013.
A film by Hugo Arcier

Stills from the film Folded Nature.

“Thrust into the blurry flow, we absorb movement, steeped in slowness. The sensation of being forced to move forward, motion that we are not really guiding, but that is nevertheless ours.
The environment is frozen. Unless unable to move because of a total lack of conscience, we are caught up in the motion of a colossal blurred hallucination.

In this uncertainty, we recognize nature. There it is, the whiteness of a clear sky, the silhouette of leaves, the texture of a trunk. Is not it? And yet, as we blindly move forward, floating along, our hands grasp only nothingness.

The tired notes fall slowly, squeak, and struggle in the ambient drone.
Impossible to curb the progression, to pause the image, to bring to the forefront the melody or to reduce the background buzz.
The sharpness is fleeting, a rare encounter. It crumples what we expect from the blur, revealing a nature made of crepe paper.

The hallucination is in fact a set of memories, where the colors of a real nature mingle with the folds of a pop-up book nature.
Putting all these fragments together is too difficult, and we succumb to the melancholic contemplation of this denatured nature.”
Text of Sarah Zhiri. (Translated from French.)

Exhibition / projection :
Austrian Film Museum, “Penetrating surfaces” curated by Robert Seidel 2014.

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Art, Video, 2013