“11 EXECUTIONS” confronts armed violence and modern terrorism to video games artificial intelligence (AI).
This video is a machinimas, that means it uses a real time engine, very often from video game (here GTA V). It is inspired in his form by the short film Elephant by Alan Clarke.

It is for the artist a way to use the power of simulation of video game and try to clear up the motivation of these incomprehensible acts.
Here is the device: in each execution one or more civilian is killed, the reactions are generated by the AI of the game. The artist do not have any control on these reactions and also do not know by advance who will be killed.
Each execution (same killer, same place) is done twice in order to show the horror of coincidence and randomness.

Synthetic interview done for “Game Video/Art. A survey” exhibition about “11 executions” and more generally the use of video games in art.

Si vis pacem para bellum, Group show at Plateforme Paris (Paris, France) 2015
“Game video/art. A survey” Group show at XXI Triennal International Exhibition Milan 2016 (Milan, Italy)

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Art, Video, 2016