InLand is a 3D video game played live. Hugo Arcier is the only one who knows the passages and changes levels. The performance is broadcast live on Twitch.
InLAND is a hybrid project combining electronic devices, digital art and video game ‘let’s play’.
The performance draws as much on the tools of game creation as on his abundant visual culture, creating a porous link between the two worlds. InLAND opens the doors to a meta-universe, where the artists explore notions of passage, crossing and metamorphosis.

Passages, crossings and metamorphoses weave the odyssey of « inLAND | come back in broad day ». These universes are explored live as a 3D video game in which we wander.
This exploration is carried out on site or remotely with Discord gamer tool.
In these multiple spaces, perception is disturbed between reality, matter and appearance. Abstraction gives way to landscapes, echoes of the inner worlds that a narrator seems to unfold. The visions crumble, the image turns out to be an illusion. We then experience what can’t be said or represented.

Music: Annabelle Playe & Marc Siffert
Visual: (audioreactive 3d universe, Unreal Engine) : Hugo Arcier

Novembre numérique Casablanca, Maroc 2023
MUTEK2023 Mexico, Mexique
IESA2023 Le Cube/Garges – La muse en Circuit, cncm, Alfortville (FR): May, 17th 2023
SONICA – Glasgow (UK): March 19th, 2022
Festival Bruits Blancs – Théâtre La Vignette, Montpellier (FR): December 3rd, 2021
Espace des Anges/Scènes Croisées de Lozère, Mende (FR): March 7th, 2020
Biennale NEMO, 104, Paris (FR): December 13th, 2019

Production : AnA compagnie
Coproduction : Scènes Croisées de Lozère, Biennale NEMO, Ville de Mende
Partners : DGCA, SACEM, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM, FCM, Région Occitanie, Conseil Général Lozère

Art, Live, 2019