Duplicate car / Duplicate house / Duplicate canned food / Duplicate Iphone / Duplicate sextoy / Duplicate cross 
2009. 3D image in 60 cm x 60 cm format.

I am fascinated by 3D computer graphics. In each of my series, I try to explore the essence and specificities of this technique of image creation.
In this specific series, my research focuses on duplication. It is a function that can be more generally associated to the digital world.
An object, once created (modeled) in 3D, can be infinitely duplicated. The concept of the original is no longer relevant. More precisely, I would say that the original no longer exists, as each instance is absolutely identical.
The object loses its ability to fascinate. It is taken out of context and becomes a mere shell. It is now only an atom, only the whole matters. The objects are made of a uniform material that appears to blend into the underlying expanse. By a strange mitosis phenomenon, the objects proliferate infinitely, at the expense of all that is natural and human. This proliferation levels and sterilizes everything in its way.
Each image is built from the same 3D scene, except that one object simply replaces another. The same framing, the same lighting, the same number of objects, the same arrangement, the same material that is purposely not that of the real object.
Each object is chosen for reasons that are foremost esthetic. The objects must visually lend themselves to duplication – in terms of shape and proportion.
The choice of the orientation of the objects is also crucial to the final result. Several criteria are relevant and are linked to the object itself (lighting, visible part of the object, etc) and to the entirety of the image (use of space, production of lines, etc.).

Beyond thinking about the media itself, the series implicitly conjures up industrialization, the mass production of objects. Warhol first confronted and then wedded artwork (until then unique) to mass production. It is not the subject that interests me in this series. To me, duplication always relates to a political and cultural realm, to the standardization of our society and of how it thinks. 

Edition of 8 + 1 artist’s proof.
This series is available on Saatchi Online.
You can also contact me directly if interested.

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