In the crack. 2009. 3D image in 50 cm x 75 cm format.

In the series titled, “In the crack”, made up of 3D graphic images, I visually explore the distorted flesh through the prism of the virtual. My goal is to mathematize the flesh, to create from scratch without using photographic textures but only a tree of interconnected, procedural textures.

The result leads to mutations that are straight out of a David Cronenberg film: forms both inhuman and evocative fascinating in their beauty.

I begin (image 1) with a computer-image representation of what you might think are the female genitalia.

The series could be called “It’s not what you think”. Shown in a realistic, and some would say pornographic way, the genitals are shown to be anatomically incorrect. The flesh is only a surface, it is linked only by certain analogies to what it is supposed to represent. This means that it is only the association with the image that we have of the female genitalia, and the context of the image, that allows us to link them to this representation.
We then plunge (images 2 to 7) “into the crack”. As we go through the images, there are fewer and fewer similarities: the changes that we observe are sometimes so great that the organic function disappears, giving way to a shapeless mass. Flesh separated from its meaning and function thus becomes an unknown territory, a limitless area. A substance that can be moulded at will.
Virtual flesh become abstract.
Publication :
Diorama (Italy), 2014
Exhibition :
Carne. 2010. Curated by Anne-Marie Bologna-Jeannou and Sarah Fossat.

Art, Image, 2007