In the crack. 2009. 3D image in 50 cm x 75 cm format.

In the series titled, “In the crack”, made up of 3D graphic images, I visually explore the distorted flesh through the prism of the virtual. My goal is to mathematize the flesh, to create from scratch without using photographic textures but only a tree of interconnected, procedural textures.
The result leads to mutations that are straight out of a David Cronenberg film: forms both inhuman and evocative fascinating in their beauty.
Flesh separated from its meaning and function thus becomes an unknown territory, a limitless area. A substance that can be moulded at will.
Virtual flesh become abstract.
Publication :
Diorama (Italy), 2014
Exhibition :
Carne. 2010. Curated by Anne-Marie Bologna-Jeannou and Sarah Fossat.

Archive, Image, 2007