Decomposition. Skull. Final render. / Light / Ambiant occlusion / Grid
2007. 3D image in 80 cm x 120 cm format.

Decomposition. Centipede. Rendu final. / Ambiant occlusion / Shadow mask / Specular / Zdepth
2008. 3D image in 80 cm x 120 cm format.

“All of nature’s work, however varied the results, is simply a work of composition and of decomposition, words which themselves express only one fact considered from two different angles; for the decomposition of a body always ultimately leads to the production of other bodies which are either more complex or simpler.”
Félicité de Lamennais, Esquisse d’une philosophie, 1840.

Decomposition of the body/decomposition of the image.
When working on rendering a 3D image, one generally breaks the image down into several layers. One can render elements separately, for example the foreground, the background, but also – and this is specific to computer-generated imagery – cut the image transversally. Light. Shadow. Reflections. Specular…

As 3D takes a long time to calculate, the goal is to be able to adjust the rendering with precision in a 2D compositing software program without having to recalculate it.

All these stages of work, these layers, are seen by no-one except for the creator of the image. However, I have always been struck by their beauty, their unreality, sometimes their abstraction. Struck by their power.


Exhibition :
Celal Gallery, Paris, France 2008.

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