Effets et reflets. 2004
With: Anastasia Tarassova

Still frames from Effets et reflets


Day-to-day consumer objects: a bottle, a fridge… The real world that surrounds us doesn’t appear to provide an ideal background for dreams, but it only needs a different way of looking to become malleable and porous. A world of dreams is just a glance away. A girl finds herself transported by the effects of alcohol from one hallucination to another and into another world. Reflections from the container (the bottle) play on the mirror image of the girl; the effects of the contents (alcohol) play on the girl’s imagination. Effects and reflections, transparency and thought, image and the imaginary all mix together and transport the spectator into a new visual world. The reality of the world is built up through our perception of the images that the world produces. Where is the illusion? In the eyes of the artist or the spectator? In the image or the object?
Exhibitions / Festivals:
Paris Tout court (Paris, France) 2008
Videoakt International Videoart Biennial (Barcelona, Spain) 2013
ADN Gallery (Barcelone, Spain) 2007
“Sous Influence”, Magda Danysz Gallery (Paris, France) 2007
Slick Art Fair (Paris, France) 2006
Video’appart (Paris, France) 2006
VAIA, V Mostra Internationale d’Art Vidéo d’Alcoi (Valencia, Spain) 2006
International Short Film Festival Leuven (Leuven, Belgique) 2006
Backup festival (new media in film) (Germany) 2005
Festival Manifesto (Toulouse, France) 2005
Videoformes (Clermont-Ferrand, France) 2005
“Open source” Artcore Gallery (Paris, France) 2004

Archive, video, 2004