Eden (2019)
Immersive and interactive installation of Hugo Arcier and Cyril Teste for 5 connected users

Graphic creation and development:
N°130 Creative Studio
Supervision, 3D: Hugo Arcier
Technical artist: Robin Maulet
Developer: Etienne Champagne

Scents creation: Francis Kurkdjian
Original music: Nihil Bordures
Sound design: Thibault Lamy
Production and diffusion: Anais Cartier, Coline Dervieux, Olivier Lataste

EDEN is the winner of the 2019 SENSible Prize – Geneva International Film Festival.

EDEN is an interactive sensory immersive experience for five connected users. Everyone will actively experience the birth and development of a unique plant world. Immerse yourself in the heart of Virtual Nature, through an immersive and collective experience!
Equipped with a virtual reality headset, become an actor in your environment, the creator of a unique plant world that can only live and prosper according to the importance you give it. Through new technologies, reconnect with nature. Through your eyes, you will give birth to an ecosystem, shaped by the attention you pay to it. Try this fascinating mental nursery experience, a unique and memorable sensory experience.

Bonlieu (Annecy), 2019
GIFF (Switzerland), 2019

Art, Highlight, Interactive, Video, 2019