Video format 4K (3840 x 2160), 25 frames per seconde
8 min 27 s

“Of all the objects there are what we call simulacras, kinds of lightweight membranes detached from the surface of the body, which fly in all directions in the air.
… subtle figures and images are emitted by objects, and emerge from their surface: these images, let us give them by more or less the name of membranes or of bark, since each of them has the shape and appearance of the object, whatever it may be, including it emanates to wander through space. »

The video installation De Rerum Natura is a poetic and hypnotic exploration of the disappearance of nature.

As for the 2016 Ghost City video installation, the video De Rerum Natura is directly related to Lucretius’ eponymous text and the passages describing the simulacres that are membranes or “barks” emitted by objects. It is fascinating to note that Lucretius highlights here a constituent element of the virtual worlds: the fact that they consist only of (hollow) surfaces . The virtual object cutting system implemented in Ghost City to reveal that these objects are in fact only surfaces is here transposed to a plant universe, made up of branches and tree trunks.

Art, Video, 2019