L’affaiblissement progressif des ressources. (a.k.a. The progressive weakening of the resources) – Trailer 2013.
3D computer graphics video. 6 min.
Actor : Bruno Boulzaguet.
Created with the support of Mocaplab.

Still frames from the film.

Photos in situ. “Fantômes numériques” 2016

Video in situ. “Fantômes numériques” 2016


The video has a very horizontal format.
Thanks to the movement we distinguish a hollow character caught in a stylised snow storm. He walk and slowly exhausts himself.
The goal of the film is very simple and at the same time ambitious : make us feel an emotion, an empathy with just white dots on black. A eulogy of movement.


Making of directed by Mathilde Marc of the motion capture shooting done at Mocaplab.
Exhibitions :
“Territoires Incertains”, Plateforme (Paris, France), 2014
“Nostalgie du réel”, Le Cube (Grand Paris, France), 2014
Fantômes numériques

Art, Video, 2013