Unfolded nature. 2013. 3D computer graphics images. 120 cm x 120 cm prints.
In situ. Show Off Art Fair 2013. 120 cm x 120 cm prints.
With “unfolded nature” I follow my work, started some years ago, on computer graphics and nature. This time the three-dimensional object is not the result. In this series I take an interest in the phase where one unfold a polygonal 3D object to apply a texture. To create these images I started to create 3D objects – that will never been shown -, then I use an algorithm that automatically unfold, cut, and place the numerous fragments in an “optimised” way.

The result of this is a distraught vision of a destructured nature, an artefact formed with multiple shreds, that Arman would have designate as “archaeology of the future”. A puzzle for future generations, for the day nature will have disappeared.
Exhibitions :
Show Off Art Fair (Paris, France) 2013

Art, Image, 2013