Mars 2024
“Dans la vague” exhibition
La vidéo “Navier-Stokes or the beauty of the crests” will be visible at “Dans la vague” exhibition at the art center Campredon (Isle-sur-la-Sorgue) from 30 March to 6 October 2024.

March 2024
“Réalités alternatives” exhibition
Eden will be presented at the “Réalités alternatives” exhibition. Curated by Annso Boulan and Dominique Moulon. Théâtre Jean Lurçat, Aubusson from 16 March to 20 April 2024

November 2023
inLAND tour
inLAND continues his tour with two new dates: Novembre Digital in Casablanca (Morocco) and MUTEK MX 2023, Mexico.

September 2022
New date for Eden in the Paris region
Eden will be shown at the Montfort theatre in Paris from 28 Sept to 15 Oct 2022

March the 25th 2020
My new creation Clinamen, for l’Opéra National de Paris, is a film on the representation of movement, as well as a tribute to Lucretius’ atomist physics

December the 13th 2019
Ghost City at Nemo Biennale
Ghost City installation is visible at Le 104 in the exhibition “Jusqu’ici tout va bien? Archéologies d’un monde numérique”. dec 13th 2019 to January 2020.
In the opening of the exhibition I will be part of Inland audiovisual performance, with Annabelle Playe and Marc Siffert

July the 6th 2019
Eden exhibition
opening of the Eden exhibition in Bonlieu (Annecy). You will be able to see an immersive experience made in collaboration with Cyril Teste as well as 6 personal installations, including the video De Rerum Natura.

March the 13th 2019
“Destroy” event, Palais de Tokyo
At Olivier Schefer’s invitation, I would present at the Palais de Tokyo my video installation “Ghost City” as part of the launch of the magazine Perspective “Destroy” (Institute of Art History)

February the 2nd 2019
Ubik exhibition at Pavillon Blanc
“Ghost City” is visible at Pavillon Blanc (Colomiers, France) from February the 2nd to May the 18th.
Here some photo of the opening.

October the 6th 2018
Nuit Blanche 2018
“Fiction 1” and “Navier-Stokes ou la beauté des crêtes” (new video) will be shown at La Folie Numérique N5 (La Villette, Paris, France)

October the 5th 2018
“Ciel de Traine” at Rouxter festival
“Ciel de Traine” will be performed at La Main D’Oeuvres (Saint-Ouen, France) Sept 5th 7:50 pm

June the 8th 2018
Conference at La Gaîté Lyrique
I will give a lecture about “11 executions” and “FPS”

February the 23th 2018
“FPS” at Les Chambres numériques

November the 9th 2017
Overview at Le Cube
Overview will be performed at Le Cube (Issy-Les-Moulineaux)

October the 9th 2017
Opline Prize 2017
I am nominated for the Opline Prize 2017
Votes are open until November the 14th: link
Here a little interview (in French):

September the 5th 2017
Ars Electronica Festival 2017.
A special version of my video installation “Ghost City” will be visible at Ars Electronica festival (Linz, Austria).
Saturday Sept. 9, 7:00 pm and Monday Sept. 11, 1:00 pm. (Deep Space room)

April the 20th 2017
“Le suaire de Turing”
Exhibition at Chamarande art center, curated by Nicolas Rosette.

April the 18th 2017
“Lost in Aberrations”
I give for free a virtual reality experience called “Lost in aberrations”, inspired by optical art and kinetic art.
Curious minds can download it on :

March the 9th 2017
N°130 is the creative studio I have just launched. It is a studio specialised in “new images” : CG films, realtime 3D, installation.

February the 28th 2017
I have designed and created the videos and CG for #softlove live performance

November the 6th 2016
“Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres”
I am proud I was named Chevalier of the Order of the Arts and Literature (promotion July 2016) by the French Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay.

October the 9th 2016
Interview for “Travelogue”
Long interview for “Travelogue” exhibition (curated by Matteo Bittanti) where I talk about virtual worlds, simulation, video games…

September the 26th 2016
Beirut Biennale for the image
Curated by Carine Le Malet and Albedo Creative Platform, from sept 27 – oct 4 2016.
At Station Beirut.

September the 25th 2016
“Arte es digital, digital es arte” exhibition
Exhibition at Vostell Museum, Cáceres (Spain)
with Nostalgia for Nature, Fiction 1, Limbus (GTAV)
From 29 Sept to 2 Oct 2016.

September the 22th 2016
Une journée de coïncidence #4
I am curator of the artistic route “Une journée de coïncidence”. It is an augmented reality project with digital artworks visible in the streets with a tablet or a smartphone.

June the 2nd 2016
“Structure #01” / Grand Paris
I will show “Structure #01” a 360° video artwork, commissionned by Le 104 (art institution), to the opening of Grand Paris Express. 2016/06/04

April the 29th avril 2016
Solo exhibition “Fantômes numériques”, at Lux Scène Nationale Valence.
Opening of my exhibition “Fantômes numériques”. 29 April – 9 July.

April the 4th 2016
“Game video / art. A survey” exhibition.
My video “11 executions” will be presented at “Game video/art. A survey” exhibition, during the XXI Triennal International Exhibition Milan 2016.
April 4 – July 31 2016
I created this synthetic interview for the event.

March the 17th 2016
Interview for Paper-thin
Interview about my work by the curator Daniel Alexander Smith: my statement, memento mori, interactivity…

March the 1st 2016
Prix Cube 2016
Short video about the 3D printed trophy I designed for Prix Cube.

January the 19th 2016
Installation in Paper-Thin virtual museum
My room in Paper-Thin virtual museum opens today with a new “Degeneration” installation. See in at

November the 23th 2015
“The Fate of Image”
I will be in Chongqing (China) for the exhibition “The Fate of the Image” where I will show “Nostalgia For Nature” and I will do a lecture at The Forth International New Media Forum.

November the 21th 2015
“8 phases de l’illumination”
I participate to the installation “8 phases de l’illumination” at Le Palais de Tokyo. The project is a collaboration between 8 artists: Aramique, Mau Morgo, Guillermo Santoma, Marta Armengol, Gary Gunn, Jeff Crouse, Nico Dufoure and myself. The Facebook event.

November the 12th 2015
“Si vis pacem, Para bellum”
I will show a new video called “11 EXECUTIONS” at the group show “Si vis pacem, para bellum” at Plateforme Paris Gallery. Opening november the 13th. Facebook event.

October the 25th 2015
“Lumières – Fréquences – Essences” exhibition
I will show “Degenerated II” to the exhibition “Lumières – Fréquences – Essences” (Némo 2015), curated by Gamelab Agency. Opening october the 28th at Ensii (Evry, France)

August the 14th 2015
Fiction 1 at Polytechnic Museum (Moscow).
Fiction 1 will be showed at the Polytechnic Museum (Moscow) at 8 pm in a program curated by Gabriel Soucheyre (Videoformes).

July the 15th 2015
“The Walk” music video
New music video, for Louise Roam. “The Walk”

June the 5th 2015
“Cutting Edge Animation” exhibition.
I have 5 films showed at “cutting edge animation” exhibition.
“File Anima+” Festival. Sao Paulo/Brazil.

May the 4th 2015
HNN “Je pars” at VIS 2015.
HNN “Je pars” will be in the official International Music Videos competition at VIS 2015. Vienna.

March the 13th 2015
“Adrenalina”. Group Show. São Paulo
I’m part of “Adrenalina” exhibition about generative art, with Degeneration II.
From March the 14th to April the 5th 2015, São Paulo (Brazil)

March the 12th 2015
Videoformes 2015
“HNN – je pars” and “Nostalgia for nature” will be projected at Videoformes 2015 (Clermont-Ferrand, France), November the 19th and 20th.

March the 2nd 2015
The New digital wave
I will be part of a discussion called “The new digital wave – How has new technology impacted on the arts in the Uk and France?” at the Institut Francais.
March the 14th. 2.30pm – 5.30pm, London.

January the 19th 2015
Postmatter interview
I was interviewed by Postmatter

November the 25th 2014
Nostalgia for nature at Festival Multiplicidades
Nostalgia for nature at Festival Multiplicidades, the 29th and 30th November 2014, Rio (Brazil).

November the 18th 2014
“Camgirl Odalisque”
New video : “Camgirl odalisque”.

November the 13th 2014
Fiction 1 at B.I.M.
Fiction 1 at B.I.M. (The Biennale of the Moving Image), in a program curated by Gabriel Soucheyre. Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2014.11.21

November the 11th 2014
Interview for “Fantastic Music Video”
I did a little interview for “Fantastic Music Video”

september the 14th 2014
Publication in Jean-Luc Chalumeau’s book “L’art contemporain en 40 pages”.
Jean-Luc Chalumeau writes on my work in his book about contemporary art “L’art contemporain en 40 pages”. Some extracts :
“Hugo Arcier is part of those who has understood the potential of computers power in the field of artistic creation”
“The film Nostalgia for nature, coproduced by Hugo Arcier and Le Cube (video in 3D computer graphic images) is a moving demonstration of this very sharp aesthetics”
“Digital creation, rised to that level of technical quality and emotion (…) will be the more contemporary art thanks to creators like Hugo Arcier”

You can buy the book (French) here : Google Play, Kobo, iTunes, Amazon.

july the 14th 2014
HNN “je pars”
I directed the new music video of HNN

June the 6th 2014
Publication in Diorama Magazine (Italy).

May the 6th 2014
Folded Nature at the Austrian Film Museum
I am part of the screening “Penetrating surfaces” curated by Robert Seidel, at the Austrian Film Museum, with my video Folded Nature, 24th May 2014 at 9pm.

May the 2nd 2014
Degeneration II in China
Within Croisement Festival and curated by Nicolas Rosette, my video Degenerescence II will be shown in three exhibitions in China:
– in Chengdu « Lighting, Frequency, Essence », From 18 May to 22 June
– in Beijing « AV@AR 3.0 The Art of French New Media », From 31 May to 22 June
– in Wuhan « Display », From 10 May to 15 June

March the 31th 2014
“Territoires Incertains”
Group Show at Plateforme Gallery (Paris), April the 4th to the 20th. I will show the video “L’affaiblissement progressif des ressources” :
More info (in French).
Facebook event.

March the 25th 2014
I have made 2 designs for Timefly brand (digitally printed clothes based in Shanghai).
They are for sale here: Timefly 15 and here: Timefly 16

March the 18th 2014
Videoformes 2014
“surface mouvement – surface lumière” is selected for Videoformes 29th International Digital Arts Festival (Clermond-Ferrand, France).
The projection of the film will be March the 20th, 5pm.

February the 21th 2014
“Imaginary : Aesthetics of the virtual and perception of the reality”
I participate to this group show with “Limbus” and “Nostalgia for Nature”.
PrimoPiano LivinGallery, Lecce (Italy).
February the 21th to March the 19th 2014.

February the 8th 2014
“Nostalgia For Nature” is online!
After one year of diffusion in festivals around the world, “Nostalgia For Nature” is finally online.

February the 3rd 2014
Two exclusives artworks available at S[edition]

January the 9th 2014
New artworks
Hack Tracks, Folded Nature, Unfolded Nature.

October the 17th 2013
Show Off Art Fair 2013, Paris
I participate to Show Off Art Fair (Paris) with 1 “Dogma” (print and sculpture), 5 “Nostalgia For Nature-Wireframe” prints, and 1 “Unfolded Nature” print (new series).
From 21 to 23 october, Espace Pierre Cardin 75008 Paris.

October the 15th 2013
The 13th Seoul International NewMedia Festival
“Nostalgia for Nature” will be presented to NeMaf 2013 (Seoul, Korea), from 16 to 25 October 2013.

September the 19th 2013
Little big crunch” group show
I participate to “little big crunch” group show with 2 original artworks.
Plateforme gallery, 73 rue des Haies, Paris.
20 september to 06 october.

September the 11th 2013
New video : “surface mouvement – surface lumière”
Watch my new video “Surface mouvement – surface lumière” and read an article about it on POSTmatter.

September the 6th 2013
Ars Electronica
“Nostalgia for Nature” will be to Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria) for 6 to 9 september.

August the 2nd 2013
“Nostalgia for Nature” at Anima Mundi (Brazil)
“Nostalgia for Nature” will be visible at Anima Mundi “Gallery program”, from 2 to 11 August at Rio de Janeiro and from 14 to 18 August at São Paulo.

July the 17th 2013
My films on French Channel “Numéro 23”
13 of my films will be visibles on French TNT channel “Numéro 23”, for July the 20th to the 27th. My last film “Nostalgia for Nature” will be also visible.

July the 10th 2013
Website update
New pages added : Nostalgia for nature – installation, Nostalgia for nature – Wireframe, L’affaiblissement progressif des ressources, Nostalgie du réel, solo show.

June the 24th 2013
Videoakt International Videoart Biennial, Barcelona, Spain
My films Fiction 1 and Effets et reflets will be visible at Videoakt, Barcelona, that take place from June the 25th to the 29th.

June the 3rd 2013
Interview for a Planète+ channel documentary
I was interviewed for a documentary called Philosophy and culture (art) showed on French channel Planète +. You can see it here.

May the 28th 2013
I appear in June issue of L’œil magazine in an article about “What art will be in 2050?”.
Also see the March issue with an article about my solo show at Le Cube.

April the 27th 2013
“International Prize For Emerging Artists In Digital Art”
I added the page “Prix Cube”. A 3D printed award that I designed.

April the 10th 2013
Nostalgia For Nature visible in Beijing.
The film will be visible (inside “Norev-over” exhibition) for April the 15th to May the 15th at ON/Gallery.
More info here.

April the 4th 2013
Nostalgia For Nature at Elektra Festival (Montreal)
My film will be visible at Elektra Festival, May the 2nd at 9 PM.
More info here.

March the 17th 2013
Meetup “3D printing and arts”
I will talk and show some of my works to a Meetup organised by Sculpteo about “3D printing and Arts”.
Tuesday March 19th from 7.30pm to 10.30pm at L’Etablisienne (88, bd Picpus, Paris 12e)

March the 7th 2013
Nostalgia For Nature at Lille Art Fair
The film Nostalgia For Nature is visible at Lille Art Fair from March the 7th to the 10th (inside the Chinese and European exhibition “Norev-over”)

February the 25th 2013
Nostalgia For Nature
I added the page Nostalgia For Nature.

February the 19th 2013
One image availlable on The File Arts
One of my 3D image called “Sliced Head” is now available in digital edition only on The File Arts:

January 25th 2013
Solo show at Le Cube, “Nostalgie du Réel”
For February the 8th to July the 27th, opening February the 7th, 19.00 PM to 22.00 PM at Le Cube
More info info here.
Facebook event here.

November the 27th 2012
3D printed iPhone cases
My iPhone cases interactive design, inpired by my Dégénérescence series are available :
Iphone 4. Iphone 5.

Octobre 30th 2012
Group show France / China, Norevover
For november the 16th to december the 2th, opening november the 16th, 18.00 PM to 22.00 PM at Plateforme (73 rue des Haies, Paris)
More info info here.
UPDATE: See some photos of the exhibition.

October 10th 2012
Fiction 1 at New Museum
My film Fiction 1 will be presented at new Museum / NY in a program of twenty short-form animations selected by artist and curator Casey Jane Ellison. November 1, 2012 at 7 p.m. More info on the New Museum website
UPDATE: due to hurricane Sandy the projection is delayed to november the 17th at 3PM.

September 29th 2012
Nouveau site
Thanks to Le pivot studio, here is my new website!
It is the opportunity to discover new projects or rediscover more old ones.